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Zcube, Zambon Reasearch Venture, is the division that actively deals with innovation, scouting for modern health solutions in the field of Life Sciences, supporting the validation of drug delivery systems, medical devices, biomarkers, diagnostic, digital health and big data solutions. Thanks to an expert team and a network of entrepreneurs, business angels and venture capitalists, Zcube invests and supports innovative ideas from their early development phases right through to the market launch.

It is made of three units: Zcare, Open Accelerator and OpenZone.

  • ZCare develops HI-tech & HI-touch integrated solutions to transform disease management into a caring experience.
  • Open Accelerator is the international fast track acceleration program dedicated to projects in life sciences, with a specific focus on Central Nervous System (CNS) and Respiratory diseases.
  • OpenZone is the Life Sciences campus on the outskirts of Milan created by Zambon as a fundamental part of its Open Innovation philosophy. OpenZone currently is home to over 22 organizations working in the Life Sciences field, and a visionary development plan will double its spaces by 2020

Open Accelerator Team

Multi skilled crew:

  • Giovanni Rizzo
  • Adonella Aletti
  • Federica Destro
  • Aurelija Galvetyle

OpenZone | info@openaccelerator.it