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15/05/2020 - 20/07/2020

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October 2020

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For registered companies, please enclose the business profile from registry where the company is formally registered (PDF format, max 4MB)

Which technological area does your project belong to?*

Which therapeutic area does your project belong to?

Intellectual property (IP)

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Problem or unmet need the project addresses (max 400 characters)*

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Solution (max 400 characters)*

Scientific rationale (max 400 characters)*

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Competition and Competitive advantages (max 400 characters)*

Revenue model & Strategy (max 400 characters)*

Investment needed & Next milestones (max 400 characters)*

Exit opportunity (max 400 characters)*

Financials (max 400 characters)*

Board & Advisors (max 400 characters)*

Enclose your Executive Summary or Business Plan (PDF/PPT/Word format, max 4MB)*
Please make sure the executive summary or the business plan contains all the information present in the application table outlined above.

Enclose your Slide Deck (PDF/PPT/Word format, max 4MB)*

Enclose any document regarding your IP rights (related to the previous Section “Intellectual Property”) (PDF/PPT/Word/Excel format, max 4MB)*
If you do not own IP rights please enclose any documentation regarding licensing agreements.

Enclose a one-page CV of each team member, shareholder or director of your startup (PDF/Word format, max 4MB)

Enclose ID or passport copy of each member of the Team or of the authorized representative(s) (PDF/Word format, max 4MB)

Enclose relevant information about enrollment in PhD courses, research fellows’ programs or in any affiliation with universities or research institutions and the description of the nature of the relationship with them (PDF/Word format, max 4MB)

Enclose an excerpt (dated not more than 20 days prior to the submission date of the Application Form) from the Companies Register of your Legal Entity (PDF/Word format, max 4MB)

Enclose a copy of the corporate documentation attesting that the individual applying in the name and on behalf of the Legal Entity and executing the Application Form is the authorized representative of the Legal Entity (PDF/Word format, max 4MB)

Please download the Regulation of ZetaCube’s OA Program 2020 and the related Investment Agreement

Please confirm that, Pursuant to Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code, you specifically accept the following Articles of ZetaCube’s Open Accelerator Program 2020: Article 2 (Acceptance of the Regulation); Article 6 (Open Accelerator Program); Article 7 (IP Rights); Article 9 (Seed Investment); Article 10 (Break-Up Fee); Article 11 (Non-performance of the Applicant / Exclusion from the Program); Article 12 (Withdrawal); Article 13 (Third Parties’ Offer / Right of First Refusal); Article 14 (Exclusivity); Article 18 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction), as well as the following Articles and Paragraphs of the Investment Agreement (Annex I): Paragraph 2.2 (Express Waiver); Paragraph 3.1 (Pre-Closing Undertakings); Paragraph 4.1 (Conditions Precedent); Paragraph 4.4 (Non-fulfillment of the Conditions Precedent); Article 7 (Indemnification); Paragraph 8.1 (Non-Compete and Non Solicitation); Paragraph 9.4 (Assignment); Paragraph 9.5 (Representative); Paragraph 9.6 (Specific Enforcement); Paragraph 9.8 (Jurisdiction).