What are we looking for?

In 2020 Open Accelerator is looking for projects and startups focused on preferably respiratory and CNS disease fields and offering innovative solutions based on one or more of the following macro technological areas:

Digital solutions able to enhance healthy living through focus on prevention and wellness, or to improve health status through better personalized monitoring and management of the symptoms.

Smart solutions enabling early diagnosis through AI-powered data analytics or through automated health assessments that can be done virtually from patients’ home.

Telemedicine, teleconsultation and homecare as a mean to add a human-touch to digital health technologies.

Home-based/remote administration of clinical trials to improve efficiency of R&D and gather more data and insights over safety and efficacy.

A SPECIAL OA2020 CHALLENGE! The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need of alternative ways of interaction among healthcare professionals, healthcare Industries and the community at large (virtualization of scientific events, virtual showcases, digital upskill…). We are therefore also looking for breakthrough solutions for new interactions, knowledge sharing, event management and learning.

We view digital health holistically and seek solutions addressing core challenges along the entire patient journey and innovating the relations throughout complete value chain, from healthy living, to awareness and engagement, prevention, diagnosis, disease management and follow-up phase.

The concept of P4 medicine is central to OA foundation and focus, as we embrace the following principles of this theory: Prediction, Prevention, Participation, Personalization.

Have a look at the OA 2020 Promotional Video!

Five main value drivers for OA innovators are:

Data-driven approach Integration of data from different sources leveraging on interoperable datasets to fuel advanced and scientific validated analysis.

Business model innovation Data valorization through new value propositions towards internal and external stakeholders and repositioning the role of pharma company in the “future-of-health”.

Patient-centricity Digital solutions answering specific and validated clinical and non-clinical needs of patients.

Flexibility to change Flexibility to respond to abrupt changes that may impact the health ecosystem and may require adaptability in terms of products and processes (such as, but not only, global emergencies and pandemics).

User experience Solutions should be easy-to-use to enable adoption and adherence to new approaches, thus satisfying high stakeholders’ expectations.

Selection requirements

You are eligible to apply if your project or startup meets the following requirements:

  • You have a multi-disciplinary team with at least 1 team member working fulltime.
  • Your technology is protected- patent is filed or pending (or proprietary software).
  • Your invention is at the TRL (Technology Readiness Level) between 4 to 7.
  • You are able to share your Business Plan, Business Model or at least Executive Summary and other requested documents – see below.
  • You are officially registered as a startup (or pending- to be registered within 2 months or max 6 months).
  • For Italian startups: you were officially registered as a company no more than 24 months prior to the submission date of this application (società a responsabilità limitata).
  • Presence of a Co-investor is an added value!


The applications are accepted from the 15th of May to the 31st of July 2020. After a successful interview of shortlisted candidates, the final list of participants will be disclosed in October 2020.

Apply your idea

Please access the OA 2020 Application Form and fill in the requested information. Please upload the required documents:

  • Your Business Plan or Executive Summary;
  • Pitch deck;
  • A summary of IP rights granted or filed;
  • If you are not the owner of the IP Rights, a copy of any license agreement concerning the IP Rights;
  • A one-page CV of each team member, shareholder or director of your startup;
  • An identity document (a national ID or a passport) of each member of the Team or of the authorized representative(s);
  • If any of the team member, or any director or shareholder is enrolled in PhD courses, research fellows’ programs or in any affiliation with universities or research institutions, please provide list of those organizations and description of the nature of the relationship with them;
  • If you are applying as a Legal Entity, an excerpt (dated not more than 20 days prior to the submission date of the Application Form) from the Companies Register of the Legal Entity and a copy of the corporate documentation attesting that the individual applying in the name and on behalf of the Legal Entity and executing the Application Form is the authorized representative of said Legal Entity.

Within this section you can also find the Regulation of Zetacube’s OA Program 2020 and the related Investment Agreement that you need to accept before submitting your application. You will receive a confirmation email assuring that your application has been submitted successfully.