In 2018 Open Accelerator was focused on startups and projects working specifically in the Central Nervous System and Respiratory areas- the therapeutic areas of Zambon. We looked for innovators in four technological categories: Wearable Devices and Digital Health (DH), Open Source Prototyping (OSP), Drug Delivery Systems (DDS) and Big Data (BD). Out of a numerous international applications 10 startups were selected to participate in the Acceleration program. Additionally, a “special track” participant- a startup from Cameroon joined the program online.

Have a look at the OA 2018 Summary Video!

The participants of OA 2018

Amiko (Italy/London UK)

Respiro (by Amiko) is a complete, CE cer1fied solu1on that op1mize respiratory therapies using smart inhalers and digital health tools. https://www.amiko.io/

Lung Passport by Health Networks (Belarus)

LungPass is a digital stethoscope combined with a Machine Learning app that allows remote patients monitoring and earliest detection of objective signs of lung deterioration. Lung sound recordings could also be performed directly using iPhones on the chest wall without the need of an additional hardware. https://www.lungpass.com/

Mobile GaitLab by Portabiles Healthcare Technologies (Germany)

Mobile GaitLab is a personalized PD patients’ care system to continuously monitor, to adjust medication and to support clinical decisions. It is composed of motion sensors, integrated into orthopedic shoes, and sophisticated algorithms, validated with >2.000 clinically stratified gait analyses (>800 patients evaluated), which assess gait parameters (stride length, foot clearance, gait speed, roll-off angle and more). https://www.portabiles-hct.de/en/product/

MirnIT (Italy)

Identification of miRNAs, capable of binding messenger RNAs promoting their degradation, released into the peripheral circulation in neuro patients; identify a pool of miRNAs as potential druggable targets in CNS disease intervention; develop a device based on the Lab-on-Fiber technology for miRNAs detection.

ParkinTest (Italy)

Biomarker that provides neurologists with an unprecedented, innovative assessment of the risk to develop Parkinson’s disease before the onset of clinical signs. The system is a kit for detection of several proteins at once from lymphocytes to be sent to the lab.


PRINDEX is a peripheral blood diagnostic test for Multiple Sclerosis, risk-free and non-invasive, based on simple blood sampling: the test detects autoantibodies in blood, allowing to avoid the lumbar puncture.

RT 100 (Italy)

The RT100 device is an innovative metered dose inhaler pump (MDIP) that combines two well know technologies: the ultrasonic pump and the Mesh vibrating membrane. It allows for delivery an accurate and reproducible dose of drug, doesn’t need any propellent, and it also supplies micro-doses and atomizes calibrated particles. https://www.zodiaktechnologies.com/


Spyras is an innovative technology to analyse breathing in sports, medical and consumer health. It uses disposable paper sensors or continuous use sensors for continuous monitoring of respiratory rate and molecules present on the patient’s breath. Employing artificial intelligence to predict when a patient is deteriorating and alerting clinicians. https://www.spyras.com/

TherA by Motognosis (Germany)

TherA is an easy to use system for clinically validated measurement of motor symptoms of neurological patients at home, based on consumer depth-cameras and sophisticated algorithms, which can be integrated into existing patient-doctor-platforms. http://motognosis.com/

ViLim Ball (Lithuania)

ViLim Ball is a handheld therapeutic device able to temporarily reduce hand tremor. It was designed to give patients relief from the symptoms for few hours allowing them to perform ADLs. The working principles of the device are based on vibrational therapy, interrupting the neurological loop. It contains sensors that monitor the tremor level and personalize vibrational therapy in order to maximize the treatment effectiveness. http://www.vilim.lt/en/vilim-ball/

DIAGNOS (Cameroon)

A mobile health solution that uses AI and big data to provide a rapid diagnosis, detection, prediction and prevention of respiratory diseases.

The Winners & Awards

Besides the seed investment assigned to the winners of the acceleration program at the end of it, in 2018 we have also introduced a special Partnership Engagement Award, allowing to explore the best-fit scenarios through specially developed Business Cases for collaboration between Zambon or its Group companies and the winning startups. OA Partners- Deloitte, Bird & Bird, Generali Welion also have dedicated significant prizes to our startups.

The winners and the awards of OA 2018 were:

  • PRINDEX: €100.000 seed investment and office space at OpenZone for 1 year.
  • VILIM BALL: €50.000 seed investment, Zambon Partnership Engagement Award and office space at OpenZone for 1 year.
  • Mobile GaitLab: €50.000 seed investment, Zambon Partnership Engagement Award and office space at OpenZone for 1 year.
  • LungPass: €30.000 seed investment, Zambon Partnership Engagement Award and office space at OpenZone for 1 year.

The prizes from OA Partners:

  • €10.000 investment from Generali Welion to Mobile GaitLab.
  • €10.000 in in-kind consulting services to Mobile GaitLab and €5.000-euro each to Parkintest and Prindex from Deloitte Italia.
  • 16 hours of legal assistance to Prindex and 8 hours each for LungPass and Spyras from the international law firm Bird & Bird.

Have a look at the OA 2018 Awards Ceremony!