Vittoria Pavoncello

Vittoria is a biotechnologist and neuroscientist by training, applying her expertise in life sciences to the dynamic startup scene. She is currently serving as a Technology Scouting and Investment Specialist at Zcube, Zambon Research Venture. Vittoria has been responsible for analyzing investment opportunities in the biotech sector, advancing investments, monitoring the performance of portfolio companies, and overseeing their exit processes, including research collaborations, asset licensing, and acquisitions.

Federica Destro

Federica Destro is a dynamic professional currently serving as the External Innovation and Community Manager at Zcube, the research venture of Zambon. With an unwavering commitment to active participation, Federica has become a key player in fostering external innovation initiatives. Her active engagement extends to her consistent involvement in all the previous editions of Open Accelerator.

Michele Gaiotto

As CEO of HTH – Health Technology Holding, Michele specializes in innovative technologies within the Life Sciences sector. Additionally, he plays a significant role as a leading operating partner at Zcube – Zambon Research Venture, where he oversees investments in companies spearheading breakthrough technologies, particularly in Women’s health, Central nervous system, and digital medicine. Michele's expertise extends to serving on the boards of several life science companies across Europe and the US.

Marco Gullà

Marco is a dynamic young professional who, in 2020, joined Zcube as a Startup Analyst, providing support in scouting and mentoring startups during the 4th edition of Open Accelerator. From January 2021 he serves as an Investment Associate for HTH, Zambon’s operating partner and is actively seeking new investments and assets in the Life Science sector, including Biotech, Medtech, Pharmatech, Digital Health, and femtech. Additionally, he explores new business opportunities for the Zambon group.