Zambon is a modern healthcare company founded on the history and values of an Italian family, committed to innovating cure and care to improve patients' lives. Operating in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors, Zambon is present across three continents—Europe, America, and Asia—with 2,798 employees and manufacturing units in Italy, Switzerland, France, China, and Brazil. Through Open Accelerator, we envision potential future strategic collaborations with Zambon offering geographic and sales exposure in the EU, US, Asia and LatAm.

Zambon SpA, the pharmaceutical subsidiary of the group with its 23 branches, has assumed a new role in the industry, focusing strongly on the treatment of rare respiratory and CNS diseases, women's care, and pain management. In 2019, Zambon completed the acquisition of Breath Therapeutics, enhancing its advanced-phase pipeline with trials related to Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome.

In recent years, ZBiotech, a specialized biotech company, was established with the aim of building a scientifically robust and commercially viable portfolio of innovative patient-oriented drugs. This is achieved through scouting, acquisition, licensing, and development of new molecules. Zambon SpA has signed an agreement with ZBiotech to commercialize and distribute an innovative oral film formulation of riluzole (licensed from Aquestive Therapeutics) for patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in Europe.

Zambon produces high-quality products thanks to managing the entire production chain, which involves Zach - Zambon Chemicals, a privileged partner for APIs, custom synthesis, and generic products.

Recognizing the ever-growing importance of innovative technologies and the digitalization of healthcare, Zambon complements its offering of medicines with modern health solutions to translate its vision into concrete actions.

Zcube - Zambon Research Venture - is actively scouting for innovative biotech assets, drugs, nutraceuticals, medical devices, app/software, services, digital health/platform, telehealth - or combinations of the latter. Zcube has invested in several Venture Capital funds in the sector of Life Science field and is the legal entity promoting Open Accelerator.

In 2018 Zcube established CareApt, a new startup dedicated to developing integrated Hi-Tech/Hi-Touch solutions to transform the treatment of chronic diseases into a person-centered experience of human relations and care.

The Zambon group also includes ItaliAssistenza, a Home Care Company involved in designing and delivering Patient Support Programs (PSPs) to support therapeutic adherence and home care. It operates in these two areas with the brands Human Assist Care, which delivers Patient Support Programs for more than 12,000 patients across more than 20 therapeutic areas, and PrivatAssistenza, which, for 30 years with a network of about 200 affiliated centers, has been offering socio-health services for home care to the elderly, sick, and disabled people in need of concrete help at home or in the hospital.

Open Accelerator is located in OpenZone, the scientific campus dedicated to health on the outskirts of Milan, conceived by Zambon.
It embodies a place for the exchange of knowledge about research and enterprise, a campus funded entirely by private capital, dedicated to health, and founded on an approach geared toward open innovation. Designed to build bridges between different competencies, languages, and worlds, it is a place where research transforms into enterprise. OpenZone is home to some of the leading biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and advanced gene therapy companies in Italy and around the world. Currently hosting 34 companies, with 20,000 sqm of office spaces and 17,000 sqm of laboratories (1,600 of which Good Manufacturing Practices), OpenZone offers an ideal environment for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of knowledge and expertise.