The Alumni from the first four editions of Open Accelerator are startups and projects operating in several therapeutic areas.

Hyivy Health (Canada)

Originating from Canada, the Hyivy Health startup focuses on women’s health through a device for gynecological and pelvic floor rehabilitation. It is a clinically approved smart device that can be conveniently used in the patient’s home. Their product, designed for multiple gynecological and pelvic health rehabilitation, includes electrical and mechanical functions, as well as an app to display data, connect with their prescribing doctor, and to monitor progress. The aim is to create a device that monitors, tracks and prevents various problems experienced by women to understand if and how to respond. Official website

Amiko (Italy/ UK)

Amiko provide Respiro, a digital respiratory medicine platform that combines connected inhalers, patient app and provider dashboard. Official website

Axess4You (Italy)

Axess4You is the Milan-based start-up working on a transparent price negotiation platform between the healthcare system and pharmaceutical companies, with the aim of speeding up access to innovative treatments. Axess4You aims to create the first integrated and certified data archive for a number of therapeutic areas in order to improve market access negotiations and speed up approval procedures. Official website

Biorek (Italy)

Biorek is developing a diagnostics kit for the diagnosis and prognosis of Kidney Cancer with just a Liquid Biopsy. Official website

Brain Innovations (Italy)

The solution proposed by Brain Innovations is a complete solution that addresses all the needs of Parkinson’s disease patients with the following instruments:
- Answer to PD: Diagnosis device & Symptoms monitoring device
- PD Assistant: Oral Therapy device & Infusional therapy device
The long-term objective is to offer a complete set of solutions that could become the gold-standard management tool for PD, with solid improvement in diagnosis procedures and patient’s symptoms monitoring, and the introduction of closed-loop automated device for therapy management. Official website

ChestPal (Belarus/ UK)

ChestPal is a digital stethoscope combined with a Machine Learning app that allows remote patients monitoring and earliest detection of objective signs of lung deterioration. Official website

CoAImed (Italy)

Pisa-based startup CoAImed draws on a combination of wearable technology, artificial intelligence and standardised protocols to provide neurologists with an accurate and reliable system to assess the motor skills of Parkinson’s disease sufferers, to provide an objective clinical diagnosis, and monitor the progression of the disease. The product supports decision-making in the assessment of the early symptoms and monitors variations due to changes in drug therapy. Official website

DIAGNOS (Cameroon)

A mobile health solution that uses AI and big data to provide a rapid diagnosis, detection, prediction and prevention of respiratory diseases.

enGenome (Italy)

enGenome's proprietary software- the Expert Variant Interpreter (eVAI) is built to support medical geneticists in the pathogenicity assessment of variants that are automatically classified according to international standard guidelines and evaluated to suggest a ranking of possible diagnosis. The combination of knowledge base expert system and artificial intelligence allows eVAI to learn from data over time and to explain the evidences behind each classification to medical geneticists. Official website

GIMO-PD (Seville, Spain)

In Parkinson's disease (PD), the response to medication and the apparition of symptoms and treatment-related complications is highly variable among patients. Another limitation is the poor monitoring of patients since examination is restricted to short sporadic visits. GIMo-PD integrates the genetic profile, neuroimaging markers motor and no-motor aspects to be taken into account to try to overcome these shortcomings in the management of PD in a cost-effectiveness way.

LiverA (Italy)

LiverA brings a new treatment option to both- Primary Biliary Sclerosis (PBC) and AutoImmune Hepatitis (AIH) - two chronic rare liver-associated autoimmune diseases causing progressive liver damage up cirrhosis. Thanks to a proprietary drug delivery system, combined with a target-triggered drug releasing chemistry, LiverA is able to deliver the necessary drugs selectively and effectively to the liver, improving efficacy and avoiding side effects.

M3datek (Italy)

M3datek focuses on the development of medical devices by the means of a robust and scalable 3D printing process and in specific on the production of ad hoc medications for chronic wounds using a patented material. The advanced dressing is completely bio-absorbable and capable of halving healing times avoiding frequent painful and expensive treatments and lowering hospitalizations.

Motognosis (Germany)

Motognosis is an easy to use system for clinically validated measurement of motor symptoms of neurological patients at home, based on consumer depth-cameras and sophisticated algorithms, which can be integrated into existing patient-doctor-platforms. Official website

Nevaro (Portugal)

Nevaro uses serious games, or rather video games that go beyond entertainment and become a real educational tool, to improve mental health, in particular helping those suffering from nervous exhaustion. Through a series of physiological and behavioural biomarkers and a headset, the video game analyses the mood of players, adapts to the mood, and provides therapeutic content in real time able to alleviate stress and ease anxiety. Official website

NIA by NemoLab (Italy)

NeMO LAB, an Italian hub for the development of technological innovations in neuromuscular diseases, supported by Centro Clinico NeMO, is proposing an effective solution to remotely monitor patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases or that have genetic markers indicating a predisposition to them. The service is the result of a combination of three elements: a smartwatch which collects patient data, an app which validates the data collected by the device and proposes cognitive tests, and a website where all the data collected from patients is integrated. Official website

Oxifing Health Sport (Spain)

The Spanish company Oxifing Health Sport has developed a portable pulse oximeter with Bluetooth that continuously monitors peripheral oxygen saturation and heart rate. The patented solution is particularly precise, valid for all types of skin color and allows the patient's physiological parameters to be personalized, which makes it useful for sports activities, altitude, and hypoxia training and for home physiotherapy. Official website

ParkinTest (Italy)

Biomarker that provides neurologists with an unprecedented, innovative assessment of the risk to develop Parkinson’s disease before the onset of clinical signs. The system is a kit for detection of several proteins at once from lymphocytes to be sent to the lab.

PDmee (Italy)

PDmee is a solution for real time monitoring of motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease patients, management of therapy and treatment through a Clinical decision support system also leveraging the use of wearable sensors. PDmee also offers comprehensive report for patients, caregiver and clinicians and makes possible to 24/7 tele monitoring, to provide personalized treatments, monitor therapy adherence and thus improve the prevention of complications.

Portabiles Healthcare Technologies (Germany)

Portabiles is a personalized Parkinson’s patients care system to continuously monitor, to adjust medication and to support clinical decisions. It is composed of motion sensors and sophisticated algorithms which assess gait parameters. The innovative medical devices with patented technology enable advanced care for Parkinson’s patients and provide objective research data for clinical studies beyond the Parkinson’s disease. Official website


PRINDEX is a peripheral blood diagnostic test for Multiple Sclerosis, risk-free and non-invasive, based on simple blood sampling: the test detects autoantibodies in blood, allowing to avoid the lumbar puncture.

SAVA Technologies (UK)

SAVA is building a wearable platform that can detect molecules in the body, in real time. Official website Sava | A New Paradigm In Biosensing

SkySurgery (Italy)

Sky Surgery is an innovative online platform for doctor-patient communication and management of clinical pathway for Bariatric surgery. Facilitating and improving the efficiency of the process of care of the bariatric patients SkySurgery will allow the healthcare systems to deliver more operations so saving more lives.


Spyras is an innovative technology to analyse breathing in sports, medical and consumer health. It uses disposable paper sensors or continuous use sensors for continuous monitoring of respiratory rate and molecules present on the patient’s breath. Employing artificial intelligence to predict when a patient is deteriorating and alerting clinicians. Official website

ViLim Ball (Lithuania)

ViLim Ball is a handheld therapeutic device able to temporarily reduce hand tremor. It was designed to give patients relief from the symptoms for few hours allowing them to perform ADLs. The working principles of the device are based on vibrational therapy, interrupting the neurological loop. It contains sensors that monitor the tremor level and personalize vibrational therapy in order to maximize the treatment effectiveness. Official website

VoiceMed (Luxembourg)

VoiceMed, a Luxembourg startup, utilizes AI to analyze breathing and evaluate lung functions (Fev 1 measurement - medical device feature under development) and cardiorespiratory health (fitness level measurement - feature already on the market). VoiceMed aspires to achieve full spirometry via smartphone, aiming to empower everyone, everywhere, in better health management. Official website

Zodiak Technologies (Italy)

The N2B inhaler next generation is an innovative inhaler pump (MDIP) that combines two well-knows technologies: the ultrasonic pump and the Mesh vibrating membrane. Official website