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Optional (but recommended) - Please share a link to your 2-minute elevator pitch video (e.g., YouTube or Vimeo).

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Ideally it should have the following slides: problem, solution, market, competition, IP, business model (with specifications on regulatory path and reimbursement),business plan, team, funding. It shouldn't be more than 15 slides long (including Title)

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Enclose a copy of the corporate documentation attesting that the individual applying in the name and on behalf of the Legal Entity and executing the Application Form is the authorized representative of the Legal Entity (PDF/Word format, max 4MB)

Please download the Regulation of ZetaCube's OA Program 2024 and the related Investment Agreement

The team will start evaluating projects as they come in so don't wait till the deadline to apply.

Deadline application: June 16th, 2024
Rules: Regulation of OA Program 2024