A chat with our team: Federica Destro

March 22, 2024

A chat with our team: Federica Destro

Federica Destro is a dynamic professional currently serving as the External Innovation and Community Manager at Zcube, the research venture of Zambon. With an unwavering commitment to active participation, Federica has become a key player in fostering external innovation initiatives. Her active engagement extends to her consistent involvement in all the previous editions of Open Accelerator. 

Let’s get to know her better. 


  1. According to you, what is the added value that Open Accelerator could provide to the startups of the Life Sciences industry? 

Open Accelerator provides startups with all they need: capital, competences, and the possibility to collaborate with an international pharmaceutical group, facilitating business growth and scalability. Furthermore, the training sessions cover only pertinent subjects for startups venturing into the life sciences industry: patient journey mapping, business model development, compliance with Medical Device Regulation (MDR), reimbursement policies, and clinical validation. 

  1. The 2024 edition of Open Accelerator focuses on women’s health and femtech: what specific challenges and opportunities do you foresee in these fields?  

Women’s health and femtech market is experiencing exponential growth, driven by a newfound awareness of the unique healthcare requirements of the female population and a new propension to share publicly the disorders that affect only women. 

For too long scientific research has overlooked the inherent differences between men and women. Take, for instance, cardiology, where heart failure symptoms differ between genders. It's evident that this area urgently calls for innovations to elevate the standards of care. 

Furthermore, women today are increasingly discussing openly about typical female health concerns, such as pelvic floor issues and menopause. This shift underscores the imperative to develop tailored solutions that cater to these evolving needs. 

Additionally, with women now enjoying greater economic independence than ever before, they have the means to invest in their health, including the purchase of specific medical devices.  

In essence, there exists an expanding new market segment eager to be served, presenting a compelling opportunity for innovative solutions to meet the diverse healthcare needs of women. 

  1. What aspects of your work do you find most stimulating and rewarding? 

I am passionate about collaborating with innovators—individuals who are foreseeing the future and paving the way for groundbreaking products and services. My aim is to foster an environment where opportunities abound, enabling the realization of novel ideas and the creation of impactful innovations. 

  1. What are some of the most important lessons you have learnt during your career working and partnering with startups? 

Founders serve as the heartbeat of any startup, particularly in its early stages. They play a pivotal role in engaging investors and clinicians, thereby shaping the trajectory of the venture. Through my experiences, I've come to deeply value qualities such as sincerity, coherence, and the ability to provide concrete answers, as they are indicative of a founder's commitment and vision. 

  1. What’s Open Innovation for you?  

Open Innovation involves the collaborative efforts of multiple stakeholders to foster the development of innovative solutions. 


Thanks Federica, we wish you a great journey on this new 2024 edition!