A chat with our team: Michele Gaiotto

March 22, 2024

A chat with our team: Michele Gaiotto

As CEO of HTH – Health Technology Holding, Michele specializes in innovative technologies within the Life Sciences sector. Additionally, he plays a significant role as a leading operating partner at Zcube – Zambon Research Venture, where he oversees investments in companies spearheading breakthrough technologies, particularly in Women’s health, Central nervous system, and digital medicine. Michele's expertise extends to serving on the boards of several life science companies across Europe and the US. 

Let’s get to know him better! 


  1. According to you, what is the added value that Open Accelerator could provide to the startups of the Life Sciences industry? 

Our commitment goes beyond conventional support structures. We help startups to emerge and flourish by actively investing in their journey. By putting "skin in the game," we do more than just provide resources; we share in the entrepreneurial experience, living the business life alongside the founders. This approach underscores our dedication to truly understand and meet the needs of the startups we support, fostering a partnership that is both personal and deeply invested in their success. Our involvement is hands-on, reflecting a commitment to not just witness but actively participate in their growth and challenges, effectively putting ourselves in the game. 

  1. The 2024 edition of Open Accelerator focuses on women’s health and femtech: what specific challenges and opportunities do you foresee in these fields?  

Women's health is undeniably an underrepresented domain, characterized by limited research and attention. However, shifting societal norms are driving a significant surge in products and services tailored specifically for women. With the growing participation of women in the workforce, their purchasing power is on the rise, leading to heightened emphasis on women's health and driving innovation in the sector. This shift is expected to yield a plethora of new products addressing women's health needs and contribute to the destigmatization of previously taboo topics. Overall, these developments promise to break down barriers that have hindered progress in women's health.  

  1. What aspects of your work do you find most stimulating and rewarding? 

This role isn't merely about collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds and discussing new technologies. It's about actively shaping innovation for the next generation and women worldwide. Every day, we immerse ourselves in the future, breathing life into groundbreaking ideas. This constant exposure to innovation is the most inspiring and motivating aspect of our work, we do breathe the future.  

  1. What are some of the most important lessons you have learnt during your career working and partnering with startups? 

The most profound lesson I've gleaned from working with startups and new ventures is the paramount importance of people and their life experiences. Exceptional companies often emerge from ideas rooted in personal journeys. Moreover, when I refer to 'people,' I emphasize the significance of forging meaningful connections. It's not merely about knowing a multitude of individuals, but rather cultivating relationships with the right ones. Successful ventures hinge on people believing in each other's ideas and actively engaging in the exchange of these ideas. This, undoubtedly, is the cornerstone of success.  

  1. What’s Open Innovation for you?  

Open Innovation to me primarily signifies breaking down the barriers posed by the legacy way of thinking that is all too common within large organizations. Open Innovation is about more than just introducing new products or technologies; it's fundamentally about changing the mentality. It's a shift from a closed, insular approach to innovation, to a more collaborative and transparent mindset that values external ideas and partnerships. This approach encourages a flow of ideas between different entities, fostering creativity and speeding up the innovation process. By embracing Open Innovation, organizations can adapt more quickly to market changes and uncover unique opportunities for growth that would otherwise be overlooked within the confines of traditional thinking. 


Thank you, Michele! Here's to a new edition of OA overflowing with inspiration, innovation, and remarkable achievements!