Meet Open Accelerator’s partners: ANGELS4WOMEN

April 4, 2024

Meet Open Accelerator’s partners: ANGELS4WOMEN

The power of partnerships and collaboration is a driving force that propels innovation and success. Today, we are introducing ANGELS4WOMEN, one of our esteemed partners who enthusiastically supports our program this year. 

Angels For Women is an association that was founded in late 2018 and today boasts more than 70 business angels and 14 investments. 

Promoted by Impact Hub SB and AXA Italy, it is primarily composed of women business angels who seek to invest in female-led startups with high growth potential. 

A4W's mission is to match its members with the best innovative female entrepreneurs with the aim of realizing early-stage investments and, in doing so, reducing the gender gap and supporting women who have decided to enter the business world by founding startups and challenging stereotypes. 

The members of Angels4Women invest in startups founded by women or predominantly targeting the female market. These startups showcase their initiatives during regular meetings and undergo screening involving the team and members. 

These startups operate in various sectors such as education, fintech, agritech, fashion & lifestyle, tech/industry, media & entertainment, biotech, and acceleration paths. 

Angels for Women (A4W) aims to promote the practice of angel investing while supporting female entrepreneurship. To achieve this, the organization primarily engages in investment activities, along with providing training and promoting events related to angel investing and female entrepreneurship. 

Firstly, investment activities encompass the scouting for entrepreneurial projects, followed by the initial assessment through pre-screening. Subsequently, a comprehensive evaluation is conducted, covering economic/financial, tax, accounting, and legal aspects of these projects, known as screening. Finally, the selected projects are presented to the stakeholders, concluding with the investment phase. 

Then, promotional activities involve the active search for members possessing specific expertise in various fields. The establishment of partnerships with organizations pursuing similar objectives is a key aspect. Additionally, they play an active role in organizing events, including serving as judges at major national and international competitions aimed at startups. They also participate in demo days and informal gatherings across various organizations that contribute to the pursuit of the company's social purpose. 

Finally, training activities involve the organization of seminars or updated conferences. Business angels are educated through two executive courses: "How to Become a Business Angel" and "How to Become a Deal Champion." The former occurs biannually for five weeks, encompassing topics from understanding what it means to be a business angel to evaluating startups and current market trends. The latter is held once a year and includes sessions on Due Diligence and exit strategies. 

In addition to these executive programs, they offer their members "Lunch & Learn" webinars, which are targeted learning sessions on specific topics. These are live streamed during lunch hours, allowing participants to delve deeply into a wide array of subjects. 


Thanks to ANGELS4WOMEN for being part of Open Accelerator.  

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