Meet Open Accelerator’s partners: Bird & Bird

April 18, 2024

Meet Open Accelerator’s partners: Bird & Bird

Today, we're thrilled to introduce our esteemed partner, Bird & Bird. Aligned with our commitment to sustainability, diversity, and innovation, our partnership aims to empower clients and drive impactful change. 

Bird & Bird stands as an international law firm renowned for its steadfast support of organizations navigating digital transformation or leading industry change. With over 1700 lawyers across 32 global offices spanning Europe, North America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Africa, and strong affiliations with firms worldwide, Bird & Bird offers unparalleled legal expertise and industry insight to help clients achieve their commercial objectives. 

Through multidisciplinary teams, Bird & Bird provides comprehensive guidance across the entire lifecycle of products and services, from inception and development to IP management, regulatory compliance, and market authorization. With a global network of over 280 experts in Life Sciences and Healthcare, Bird & Bird serves as a strategic partner to clients, offering solutions to complex legal challenges and leveraging hands-on experience from within the industry and regulatory bodies. 

Embracing change and innovation, Bird & Bird's approach is characterized by proactive, practical, and commercially driven advice, enabling clients to define clear objectives and seize opportunities in disruptive landscapes. By leveraging deep sector knowledge and innovative thinking, Bird & Bird delivers tailored solutions that address clients' unique needs. 

Diversity and inclusion stand as foundational principles guiding Bird & Bird's commitment to fostering a respectful and inclusive environment. By identifying ten pillars of diversity, Bird & Bird ensures that everyone feels valued and opportunities for bias are minimized. Their focus encompasses achieving gender balance, enhancing racial and cultural diversity, fostering LGBTQ+ inclusivity, promoting social mobility, supporting employee well-being, celebrating religious diversity, and accommodating individuals with disabilities. 

Drawing insights from their work with leading companies, Bird & Bird actively pursues environmental, social, and economic sustainability, aiming to make a positive impact on their stakeholders and the planet. Through operational improvements and engagement with their workforce via an international Sustainability Committee and dedicated Sustainability Manager, Bird & Bird focuses on achieving net-zero emissions, fostering industry collaboration, and assisting clients in meeting sustainability goals. 

Bird & Bird's expertise spans a diverse range of sectors, including automotive, aviation & aerospace, defence & security, energy & utilities, financial services, hotels, hospitality & leisure, life sciences and healthcare, media, entertainment and sport, retail and consumer, as well as technology & communications. Through specialized legal services tailored to each industry's unique needs, Bird & Bird solidifies its position as a leading international law firm. 


A big thank you to Bird&Bird Italy for their partnership with Open Accelerator.   

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