Meet Open Accelerator’s partners: Exceptional Ventures

May 6, 2024

Meet Open Accelerator’s partners: Exceptional Ventures

We are happy to present our esteemed partner Exceptional Ventures. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to investing in transformative startups, Exceptional Ventures brings a wealth of expertise and vision to our shared journey.  

Exceptional Ventures is a London-based venture capital firm dedicated to investing in high-impact startups that contribute to a better world. Its mission revolves around helping people live healthier, happier, and longer lives while championing a sustainable planet. Its vision extends far beyond traditional investment goals. They aspire to create an environment where top-tier entrepreneurs seek not only financial backing but also valuable support and collaboration. They are not just financiers; they are collaborators and partners in the journey of those doing the most interesting and innovative work. Their unique approach ensures not only exceptional financial performance but also the joy of collaborating with a driven and passionate community to make a positive impact on people's lives. 

Exceptional Ventures is led by two founders, Matt Cooper and Paolo Pio. Matt Cooper is a leading figure in UK angel investing. With over 20 years of experience working with and investing in more than 200 entrepreneurs across various stages and sectors, he has a successful track record in IPOs and trade sales, notably as co-founder of Capital One Bank in the US and Tandem Bank in the UK and as chairman of Octopus Capital.  Paolo Pio, on the other hand, is a tech executive turned venture capitalist and angel investor driving innovation in the health and wellness sectors. Previously, he pioneered the expansion of US-based VC operations, investing in 25 health and happiness startups across Europe and fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial community as a Managing Director at Joyance Partners (a US HealthTech VC fund). They bring a wealth of experience in investing and supporting entrepreneurs in their three focus sectors. Matt co-founded Capital One Bank in the US and Tandem Bank in the UK and chaired Octopus Capital for over 20 years. Paolo, on the other hand, transitioned from a Silicon Valley Software Engineer to a Tech Executive and is currently the MD Europe at Joyance Partners (a US HealthTech VC fund). 

Throughout their investment journey, the team excels at bringing new investors onboard and providing invaluable guidance during fundraising endeavors. In the post-investment realm, their expertise extends to shaping board strategy and offering essential operating knowledge, complemented by a vast network of experienced advisors. 

Looking towards the future, they bring significant scaling expertise to the table and boast well-established connections to the next layer of funding, ensuring sustained growth and development. When it comes to realization, their prowess shines through with substantial private and public market experience, coupled with a well-connected presence across the private equity network. At every stage, the team is dedicated to navigating the intricate landscape of investments with precision and foresight. 

Their debut fund, EV Fund 1, is a £20M VC fund aimed at building a portfolio of 40 early-stage startups over three years. They primarily focus on the UK/EU region and opportunistically explore opportunities worldwide. Since their first closing in the summer of 2022, they have invested in 22 exceptional businesses across the HealthTech, FoodTech, and Financial Health sectors. Among their partners, we can find GlycanAge, Evaro, Juniper, Bon Vivant, Bio&Me, Amatera, BonusX, and Sava Health 


We are thankful to Exceptional Ventures for their collaboration with Open Accelerator.  

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