Meet Open Accelerator’s partners: Femtech Canada

May 14, 2024

Meet Open Accelerator’s partners: Femtech Canada

Today we present our partner, Femtech Canada, a pioneering nationwide network dedicated to connecting Canadian femtech companies with vital resources and recognition. This partnership further expands our reach and impact in the realm of innovative healthcare solutions, reinforcing our commitment to supporting advancements in women's health. 

Femtech Canada stands as a pioneering nationwide network, serving as a pivotal bridge between Canadian femtech enterprises and the essential resources necessary for their growth and recognition. Embracing a multifaceted approach, Femtech Canada is committed to nurturing a vibrant ecosystem through mentorship, advocacy initiatives, and the cultivation of a dynamic online community. By fostering collaborative endeavors and empowering entrepreneurs and researchers, Femtech Canada aims to spearhead innovation in women's health, propelling the sector towards unprecedented advancements. 

At the heart of Femtech Canada's mission lies a dedication to intentional, intersectional, and inclusive strategies. By prioritizing innovative technologies that directly enhance the lives of end-users, Femtech Canada strives to address the diverse needs and experiences within women's health with precision and empathy. 

Operated by Innovation Factory, Femtech Canada benefits from the support of a renowned business accelerator dedicated to fueling the growth and success of emerging enterprises. Through a comprehensive suite of services encompassing advisory support, tailored training programs, mentorship opportunities, and strategic connections, Innovation Factory empowers start-ups and scaling companies to navigate the complexities of the market landscape effectively. By facilitating the integration of disruptive technologies, leveraging intellectual property assets, driving revenue growth, attracting investment, and fostering job creation, Innovation Factory plays a pivotal role in catalyzing the evolution of femtech innovation. 

Moreover, Femtech Canada is bolstered by the expertise and support of an esteemed advisory board, comprising influential members from the venture capital realm. Notable participants include Esplanade Ventures, Amplify Capital, and Wittington Ventures, each contributing invaluable insights and resources to propel Femtech Canada's mission forward. This distinguished backing extends to leading femtech entities such as Future Fertility and Hyivy Health, further solidifying Femtech Canada's position as a trailblazer in the field of women's health innovation. 

Sending a big thank you to Femtech Canada for their partnership with Open Accelerator. 

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