Meet Open Accelerator’s partners: FemTech France

May 17, 2024

Meet Open Accelerator’s partners: FemTech France

Today, it is our privilege to introduce our partner, Femtech France. With a proven track record of nurturing startup growth and fostering innovation, in the field of women's health, they offer invaluable expertise and resources to our collaborative endeavors.  

Femtech France, established in September 2022, is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating women's health innovation in France, with the ultimate goal of bridging the gender health gap. Through various initiatives, Femtech France aims to support French femtech entrepreneurs, foster collaboration among different stakeholders in the ecosystem including startups, manufacturers, healthcare structures, and investors, and actively participate in strategic discussions concerning women's health in France. 

Since its inception, Femtech France has made significant strides in advancing its mission. As of early 2024, the organization boasts a membership of over 70 French femtech startups, illustrating the growing interest and engagement within the community. 

Over the past year and a half, Femtech France has undertaken several key activities and achievements. They have organized two bootcamps, held annually, designed to equip aspiring femtech founders with essential knowledge on women's health, the French health sector, and the femtech market. Approximately 20 individuals have participated in these bootcamps, benefiting from specialized training and networking opportunities. 

Additionally, Femtech France has forged a strategic partnership with the prestigious European university hospital AP-HP, aimed at fostering increased collaboration between hospitals and femtech startups. This partnership underscores the organization's commitment to driving innovation through interdisciplinary cooperation. 

In June 2023, Femtech France unveiled the first comprehensive survey on the French femtech market, accompanied by a mapping that references 115 French femtech startups, available on their website. This initiative provides valuable insights into the landscape of women's health innovation in France, serving as a foundational resource for stakeholders in the field. A follow-up edition of the survey is slated for release in 2024, further enriching the understanding of the femtech ecosystem. 

Furthermore, Femtech France has secured partnerships with two annual supporters, Fondation Sisley d'Ornano and BNP Act for Impact, who contribute to the organization's efforts in driving positive change within the women's health space. These partnerships highlight the collaborative spirit and collective commitment towards advancing innovation and improving women's health outcomes in France. 


A big thank you to Femtech France for their partnership with Open Accelerator.  

Discover more about Femtech France here: Femtech France